Solving Your Legal Issues, One At A Time

You're thinking about divorce. You've been charged with a crime. Your loved one was injured in an accident. Your property was damaged by hail or a storm.

Whatever your legal issue, we at David E. Cazares, P.C., Attorney and Counselor at Law, are ready to help you resolve it. While we have handled thousands of cases throughout the Rio Grande Valley, we know only one case matters to you...YOURS. We will put our vast experience to work in finding a tailored solution to your legal problem.

Our Open-Door Policy

While we always encourage you to make an appointment, we know that it's not always possible; if you are in the area, you can feel comfortable "stopping in." We are also set up for videoconferencing should the attorney not be readily available. If you've been charged with a crime, if your Ex has taken away your child, or in any other emergency, Attorney David E. Cazares will make time to see you.

We know your time is valuable, and your case is important. Contact us with questions or schedule an appointment by calling 956-616-5751 or by filling out our contact form. Our door is always open.