In my time of need David and his office was there for me. They not only worked with me go with the fees but didn't make me feel like I was just another paying person in his office. He took the time to answer all my questions help build a plan for my divorce and even when I thought my idea was good he broke it down and explained to me legally what it means. The office lady's are great they some how remember everyone by name and are always asking how things are going and making sure that if I need anything to just ask.


David Cazares is the best Lawyer in the valley, I defiantly recommend this guy! You wont regret going with him as your lawyer.


The experience I had with the Law Office of David Cazares was superb. They've always showed professionalism, treated me like I was their most important client, and what I loved the most was that my calls were always returned....unlike my previous lawyer. They were always very well informed with my case and kept me updated with my status. I was very impressed with Mr. Cazares' knowledge and scope of the law and I have recommended him to anyone seeking a lawyer. And everyone who has gone to him by my recommendation has always thanked me for the referral.

N. Herrera

Quiero recomendar ampliamente al señor Abogado David Cazares y a todo su equipo de Trabajo yo estoy muy agradecida con toda su ayuda.

Carmen L.

Anyone out there looking to get an excellent attorney, get a hold of David E. Cazares. His professionalism and experience will put you a step ahead.

A. Pecina

I am so grateful with the Law Office of Mr. David Cazares; he was very professional and assertive on my divorce. His staff was always courteous and prompt to answer all my questions and needs. When the paperwork was ready, it was on time and the most important thing they all explained to me so that I could understand the whole process regarding my case. I would definitely recommend Mr. David Cazares to any friend or relative that needs attorney services.

Ms. O. Sanchez

I was recently represented by Mr. David E. Cazares. My case was rather difficult and Mr. Cazares never stopped representing me in my best interest. He was a very respectful and very attentive representative to my needs. Mr. Cazares stayed on top of not only my case but my health. He also made sure that all my medical needs were met. I would recommend him to anyone needing representation. He is very competent in all aspects of the law.


The David E. Cazares, P.C. Attorney and Counselor at Law did an outstanding job helping us with the adoption of our daughter. He walked us through the adoption process on our first visit and gave us straightforward and honest advice; he was incredibly knowledgeable about the adoption laws and was very attentive to our questions and concerns. His staff kept us updated. Thought out the process, and were professional, courteous, and respectful. We highly recommend David Cazares to have in your corner.

Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez

I would like to thank Mr. David Cazares for such an excellence in Family Law. His professionalism and expertise speak for itself when he won my case. I was guided in my case and fully explained with knowledge. Every question was answered by his educated and well prepared Team at his Location in McAllen TX. I would definitely recommend Mr. David Cazares to represent anyone when it comes to family legal Matters.


I highly recommend the law office of David Cazares. When I was in need of a good attorney Mr. David Cazares resolved my legal issue and he and his friendly staff provided excellent service.

W. Figueroa